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Signetics - Low Power Schottky TTL 54LS00 - 74LS00

The Series 54LS/74LS Schottky TTL family features both Schottky-barrier-diode inputs and emitter inputs and utilizes full Schottky-barrier-diode clamping to achieve speeds comparable to Series 54/74 at one-fifth of the power. They retain the desirable features of, and are completely compatible with, most of the popular saturated logic circuits.

Original # Lansdale # PDF
N74LS00 SL74LS00  
N74LS01 SL74LS01  
N74LS02 SL74LS02  
N74LS04 SL74LS04  
N74LS05 SL74LS05  
N74LS08 SL74LS08  
N74LS09 SL74LS09  
N74LS10 SL74LS10  
N74LS107 SL74LS107  
N74LS109 SL74LS109  
N74LS112 SL74LS112  
N74LS113 SL74LS113  
N74LS125 SL74LS125  
N74LS125A SL74LS125A  
N74LS126A SL74LS126A  
N74LS13 SL74LS13  
N74LS132 SL74LS132  
N74LS138 SL74LS138  
N74LS139 SL74LS139  
N74LS14 SL74LS14  
N74LS151 SL74LS151  
N74LS153 SL74LS153  
N74LS154 SL74LS154  
N74LS155 SL74LS155  
N74LS157 SL74LS157  
N74LS158 SL74LS158  
N74LS160A SL74LS160A  
N74LS161A SL74LS161A  
N74LS162A SL74LS162A  
N74LS163A SL74LS163A  
N74LS164 SL74LS164  
N74LS169A SL74LS169A  
N74LS170 SL74LS170  
N74LS173 SL74LS173  
N74LS174 SL74LS174  
N74LS175 SL74LS175  
N74LS181 SL74LS181  
N74LS191 SL74LS191  
N74LS192 SL74LS192  
N74LS193 SL74LS193  
N74LS194A SL74LS194A  
N74LS20 SL74LS20  
N74LS21 SL74LS21  
N74LS240 SL74LS240  
N74LS241 SL74LS241  
N74LS242 SL74LS242  
N74LS243 SL74LS243  
N74LS244 SL74LS244  
N74LS245 SL74LS245  
N74LS251 SL74LS251  
N74LS253 SL74LS253  
N74LS256 SL74LS256  
N74LS257A SL74LS257A  
N74LS258A SL74LS258A  
N74LS259 SL74LS259  
N74LS26 SL74LS26  
N74LS260 SL74LS260  
N74LS266 SL74LS266  
N74LS27 SL74LS27  
N74LS273 SL74LS273  
N74LS283 SL74LS283  
N74LS295B SL74LS295B  
N74LS298 SL74LS298  
N74LS30 SL74LS30  
N74LS32 SL74LS32  
N74LS33 SL74LS33  
N74LS352 SL74LS352  
N74LS353 SL74LS353  
N74LS363 SL74LS363  
N74LS365A SL74LS365A  
N74LS366A SL74LS366A  
N74LS367A SL74LS367A  
N74LS368A SL74LS368A  
N74LS37 SL74LS37  
N74LS373 SL74LS373  
N74LS374 SL74LS374  
N74LS377 SL74LS377  
N74LS378 SL74LS378  
N74LS38 SL74LS38  
N74LS390 SL74LS390  
N74LS393 SL74LS393  
N74LS395A SL74LS395A  
N74LS40 SL74LS40  
N74LS42 SL74LS42  
N74LS445 SL74LS445  
N74LS490 SL74LS490  
N74LS51 SL74LS51  
N74LS534 SL74LS534  
N74LS54 SL74LS54  
N74LS540 SL74LS540  
N74LS541 SL74LS541  
N74LS569A SL74LS569A  
N74LS620 SL74LS620  
N74LS621 SL74LS621  
N74LS622 SL74LS622  
N74LS623 SL74LS623  
N74LS640 SL74LS640  
N74LS640-1 SL74LS640-1  
N74LS641 SL74LS641  
N74LS641-1 SL74LS641-1  
N74LS642 SL74LS642  
N74LS642-1 SL74LS642-1  
N74LS645 SL74LS645  
N74LS645-1 SL74LS645-1  
N74LS670 SL74LS670  
N74LS74A SL74LS74A  
N74LS75 SL74LS75  
N74LS76 SL74LS76  
N74LS83A SL74LS83A  
N74LS85 SL74LS85  
N74LS86 SL74LS86  
N74LS92 SL74LS92  
N74LS93 SL74LS93  
N74LS95B SL74LS95B  
N74LS96 SL74LS96  
S54LS00 SL54LS00  
S54LS01 SL54LS01  
S54LS02 SL54LS02  
S54LS04 SL54LS04  
S54LS05 SL54LS05  
S54LS08 SL54LS08  
S54LS09 SL54LS09  
S54LS10 SL54LS10  
S54LS107 SL54LS107  
S54LS109 SL54LS109  
S54LS112 SL54LS112  
S54LS113 SL54LS113  
S54LS125 SL54LS125  
S54LS125A SL54LS125A  
S54LS126A SL54LS126A  
S54LS13 SL54LS13  
S54LS132 SL54LS132  
S54LS138 SL54LS138  
S54LS139 SL54LS139  
S54LS14 SL54LS14  
S54LS151 SL54LS151  
S54LS153 SL54LS153  
S54LS154 SL54LS154  
S54LS155 SL54LS155  
S54LS157 SL54LS157  
S54LS158 SL54LS158  
S54LS160A SL54LS160A  
S54LS161A SL54LS161A  
S54LS162A SL54LS162A  
S54LS163A SL54LS163A  
S54LS164 SL54LS164  
S54LS169A SL54LS169A  
S54LS170 SL54LS170  
S54LS173 SL54LS173  
S54LS174 SL54LS174  
S54LS175 SL54LS175  
S54LS181 SL54LS181  
S54LS191 SL54LS191  
S54LS192 SL54LS192  
S54LS193 SL54LS193  
S54LS194A SL54LS194A  
S54LS20 SL54LS20  
S54LS21 SL54LS21  
S54LS240 SL54LS240  
S54LS241 SL54LS241  
S54LS242 SL54LS242  
S54LS243 SL54LS243  
S54LS244 SL54LS244  
S54LS245 SL54LS245  
S54LS251 SL54LS251  
S54LS253 SL54LS253  
S54LS256 SL54LS256  
S54LS257A SL54LS257A  
S54LS258A SL54LS258A  
S54LS259 SL54LS259  
S54LS26 SL54LS26  
S54LS260 SL54LS260  
S54LS266 SL54LS266  
S54LS27 SL54LS27  
S54LS273 SL54LS273  
S54LS283 SL54LS283  
S54LS295B SL54LS295B  
S54LS298 SL54LS298  
S54LS30 SL54LS30  
S54LS32 SL54LS32  
S54LS33 SL54LS33  
S54LS352 SL54LS352  
S54LS353 SL54LS353  
S54LS363 SL54LS363  
S54LS365A SL54LS365A  
S54LS366A SL54LS366A  
S54LS367A SL54LS367A  
S54LS368A SL54LS368A  
S54LS37 SL54LS37  
S54LS373 SL54LS373  
S54LS374 SL54LS374  
S54LS377 SL54LS377  
S54LS378 SL54LS378  
S54LS38 SL54LS38  
S54LS390 SL54LS390  
S54LS393 SL54LS393  
S54LS395A SL54LS395A  
S54LS40 SL54LS40  
S54LS42 SL54LS42  
S54LS445 SL54LS445  
S54LS490 SL54LS490  
S54LS51 SL54LS51  
S54LS534 SL54LS534  
S54LS54 SL54LS54  
S54LS540 SL54LS540  
S54LS541 SL54LS541  
S54LS569A SL54LS569A  
S54LS620 SL54LS620  
S54LS621 SL54LS621  
S54LS622 SL54LS622  
S54LS623 SL54LS623  
S54LS640 SL54LS640  
S54LS640-1 SL54LS640-1  
S54LS641 SL54LS641  
S54LS641-1 SL54LS641-1  
S54LS642 SL54LS642  
S54LS642-1 SL54LS642-1  
S54LS645 SL54LS645  
S54LS645-1 SL54LS645-1  
S54LS670 SL54LS670  
S54LS74A SL54LS74A  
S54LS75 SL54LS75  
S54LS76 SL54LS76  
S54LS83A SL54LS83A  
S54LS85 SL54LS85  
S54LS86 SL54LS86  
S54LS92 SL54LS92  
S54LS93 SL54LS93  
S54LS95B SL54LS95B  
S54LS96 SL54LS96  
Package Types
C - 14-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 3/4")
D - 14-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 3/8")
E - 16-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 7/8")
F - 16-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 3/8")
J - 24-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/2" X 1 1/4")
K - 24-LEAD FLAT PACK (3/8" X 5/8")
R - 20-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 1 1/16")
Rating Value Unit
Supply Voltage - VCC +7.0 V
Input Voltage Range - VI -0.5 to +7.0 V
Output Voltage - Vout +5.5 V
Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C
Storage Temperature Range -65 to +150 °C
FUNCTION TYPE/PKG Supply Current/typmA Propagation Delay/typns
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate  54LS00/C,D  1.6  9.5 
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate (O.C.)  54LS01/C,D  1.6  16 
Quad 2-Input NOR Gate  54LS02/C,D  2.2  10 
Hex Inverter  54LS04/C,D  2.4  9.5 
Hex Inverter (Open Collector)  54LS05/C,D  2.4  17 
Quad 2-Input AND Gate  54LS08/C,D  3.4 
Quad 2-Input AND Gate (O.C.)  54LS09/C,D  -  
Triple 3-Input NAND Gate  54LS10/C,D  1.2  10 
Triple 3-Input AND Gate  54LS11/C,D  2.6 
Dual 4-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger  54LS13/C,D  3.5  17 
Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger  54LS14/C,D  10  15 
Dual 4-Input NAND Gate  54LS20/C,D  0.8  10 
Dual 4-Input AND Gate  54LS21/C,D  1.7 
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate (O.C.)  54LS26/C,D  1.6  16 
Triple 3-Input NOR Gate  54LS27/C,D  2.7  10 
8-Input NAND Gate  54LS30/C,D  0.5  11 
2-Input OR Gate  54LS32/C,D  4.0  14 
Quad 2-Input NOR Buffer (O.C.)  54LS33/C,D  4.0  19 
Quad 2-Input NAND Buffer  54LS37/C,D  3.5  12 
Quad 2-Input NAND Buffer (O.C.)  54LS38/C,D  3.5  19 
Dual 4-Input NAND Buffer  54LS40/C,D  1.8  12 
BCD-to-Decimal Decoder (1-of-10)  54LS42/E,F  7.0  18 
Dual 2-Wide 2-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  54LS51/C,D  1.1  12 
4-Wide 2-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  54LS54/C,D  0.9  12 
Dual J-K Flip-Flop  54LS73/C,D  4.0 
Dual D-Type Flip-Flop  54LS74A/C,D  4.0 
Dual 2-Bit Transparent Latch  54LS75/E,F  6.3  15 
Dual J-K Flip-Flop  54LS76/E,F  4.0 
4-Bit Full Adder  54LS83A/E,F  19.0 
4-Bit Magnitude Comparator  54LS85/E,F  10.0  23 
Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate  54LS86/C,D  6.1  10 
Decade Counter  54LS90/C,D  9.0 
Divide-By-Twelve Counter  54LS92/C,D  9.0 
4-Bit Binary Ripple Counter  54LS93/C,D  9.0 
4-Bit Shift Register  54LS95B/C,D  13.0 
5-Bit Shift Register  54LS96/E,F  12.0  25 
Dual J-K Flip-Flop  54LS107/C,D  4.0 
Dual J-K Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54LS109/E,F  4.0 
Dual J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54LS112/E,F  4.0 
Dual J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54LS113/C,D  4.0 
Quad 3-State Buffer  54LS125/C,D  11.0 
Quad 3-State Buffer  54LS125A/C,D  11.0 
Quad 3-State Buffer  54LS126A/C,D  12.0 
Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger  54LS132/C,D  7.0  15 
Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate (O.C.)  54LS136/C,D  6.1  18 
1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer  54LS138/E,F  6.3  20 
Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer  54LS139/E,F  6.8  19 
8-Input Multiplexer  54LS151/E,F  6.0  12 
Dual 4-Line to 1-Line Multiplexer  54LS153/E,F  6.2  18 
1-of-16 Decoder/Demultiplexer  54LS154/J,K  9.0  15 
Dual 2-Line to 4-Line Decoder/Demultiplexer  54LS155/E,F  6.1  17 
Dual 2-Line to 4-Line Decoder/Demultiplexer (O.C.)  54LS156/E,F  6.1  31 
Quad 2-Input Data Selector/Multiplexer  54LS157/E,F  9.7  13 
Quad 2-Input Data Selector/Multiplexer (Inverted)  54LS158/E,F  4.8  13 
BCD Decade Counter  54LS160A/E,F  19.0 
4-Bit Binary Counter  54LS161A/E,F  19.0 
BCD Decade Counter  54LS162A/E,F  19.0 
4-Bit Binary Counter  54LS163A/E,F  19.0 
8-Bit Serial-In Parallel-Out Shift Register  54LS164/C,D  16.0 
4-Bit Up/Down Synchronous Counter  54LS169A/E,F  20.0 
4 x 4 Register File (Open Collector)  54LS170/E,F  25.0  20 
Quad D-Type Flip-Flop  54LS173/E,F  20.0 
Hex D Flip-Flop  54LS174/E,F  16.0 
Quad D Flip-Flop  54LS175/E,F  11.0 
4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit  54LS181/J,K  21.0  22 
Presettable 4-Bit Binary Up/Down Counter  54LS191/E,F  20.0 
Presettable BCD Decade Up/Down Counter  54LS192/E,F  19.0 
Presettable 4-Bit Binary Up/Down Counter  54LS193/E,F  19.0 
4-Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register  54LS194A/E,F  15.0 
Presettable 4-Bit Binary Ripple Counter  54LS197/C,D  16.0 
Octal Inverter Buffer (3-State)  54LS240/R  24.0  11 
Octal Buffer (3-State)  54LS241/R  25.0  12 
Quad Inverting Transceiver (3-State)  54LS242/C,D  27.0  10 
Quad Transceiver (3-State)  54LS243/C,D  28.0  12 
Octal Buffer (3-State)  54LS244/R  25.0  12 
Octal Transceiver (3-State)  54LS245/R  58.0 
8-Input Multiplexer (3-State)  54LS251/E,F  9.0  18 
Dual 4-Input Multiplexer (3-State)  54LS253/E,F  8.0  15 
Dual 4-Bit Addressable Latch  54LS256/E,F  22.0  19 
Quad 2-Line to 1-Line Data Selector/Multiplexer (3-State)  54LS257A/E,F  9.0  13 
Quad 2-Line to 1-Line Data Selector/Multiplexer (3-State)  54LS258A/E,F  9.0  13 
8-Bit Addressable Latch  54LS259/E,F  22.0  19 
Dual 5-Input NOR Gate  54LS260/C,D  4.0 
Quad 2-Input Exclusive-NOR Gate  54LS266/C,D  8.0  18 
Octal D Flip-Flop  54LS273/R  17.0 
4-Bit Full Adder w/Fast Carry  54LS283/E,F  20.0  13 
4-Bit Shift Register w/3-State Outputs  54LS295B/C,D  17.0 
Quad 2-Port Register  54LS298/E,F  13.0  19 
256-Bit TTL RAM (256x1)  54LS301/E,F  -  
Dual 4-Line to 1-Line Multiplexer  54LS352/E,F  6.2  15 
Dual 4-Input Multiplexer (3-State)  54LS353/E,F  8.0  12 
Octal Transparent Latch (3-State)  54LS363/R  42.0  19 
Octal D Type Flip-Flop (3-State)  54LS364/R  42.0 
Hex Buffer/Driver (3-State)  54LS365A/E,F  14.0  10 
Hex Inverter Buffer (3-State)  54LS366A/E,F  12.0  10 
Hex Buffer/Driver (3-State)  54LS367A/E,F  14.0  10 
Hex Inverter Buffer (3-State)  54LS368A/E,F  12.0  10 
Octal Transparent Latch w/3-State Outputs  54LS373/R  24.0  19 
Octal D Type Flip-Flop w/3-State Outputs  54LS374/R  27.0  19 
Dual 2-Bit Transparent Latch  54LS375/E,F  6.3  12 
Octal D Type Flip-Flop w/Clock Enable  54LS377/R  20.0 
Hex D Type Flip-Flop w/Clock Enable  54LS378/E,F  15.0 
Dual Decade Ripple Counter  54LS390/E,F  15.0 
Dual 4-Bit Binary Ripple Counter  54LS393/C,D  15.0 
4-Bit Cascadable Shift Register w/3-State Outputs  54LS395A/E,F  19.0 
BCD-to-Decimal Decoder/Driver (O.C.)  54LS445/E,F  7.0  39 
Dual BCD Decade Ripple Counter  54LS490/E,F  15.0 
Inverting Octal D Latch (3-State)  54LS533/R  -  
Inverting Octal D Flip-Flop (3-State)  54LS534/R  -  
Octal Buffer/Line Driver (3-State)  54LS540/R  22.0 
Octal Buffer/Line Driver (3-State)  54LS541/R  23.0  10 
4-Bit Binary Up/Down Synchronous Counter (3-State)  54LS569A/R  28.0 
Inverting Octal Bus Transceiver (3-State)  54LS620/R  73.6 
Non-Inverting Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS621/R  54.5  19 
Inverting Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS622/R  54.5  19 
Non-Inverting Octal Bus Transceiver (3-State)  54LS623/R  73.6 
Inverting Octal Bus Transceiver (3-State)  54LS640/R  58.0 
Inverting Octal Bus Transceiver (3-State)  54LS640-1/R  58.0 
Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS641/R  58.0  17 
Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS641-1/R  58.0  17 
Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS642/R  58.0  17 
Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS642-1/R  58.0  17 
Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS645/R  58.0  10 
Octal Bus Transceiver (O.C.)  54LS645-1/R  58.0  10 
4 x 4 Register File (3-State)  54LS670/E,F  30.0  25 
Bit Stream Manager  74LS1801/J  -  

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