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Lansdale Semiconductor Inc
5245 South 39th Street
Phoenix, AZ. 85040-9008

Email: Lansdale@Lansdale.com
Phone: 602-438-0123
Fax: 602-438-0138


Dale Lillard


Chief Financial Officer: Bob Barkey


Process Engineering Manager: Bob Howard
Product Engineering Manager: Larry Burk


Sales Manager: Sandi Beattie

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager: Lee Mathiesen

contact & support

phone: (602) 438-0123
fax: (602) 438-0138
email: lansdale@lansdale.com ...

from the president

After manufacturing mission-critical, hi-rel military and commercial semiconductors for over 40 years, Lansdale Semiconductor has expanded its product offerings by manufacturing some of the electronic component industry’s most popular, and in demand, ...

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RoHS compliance

Due to increased environmental concerns around the world, semiconductor and electronic companies are now required to provide Lead (Pb) - Free, or “Green” products. Lansdale is committed to support this requirement by ...

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