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Signetics - Utilogic II 300

UTILOGIC is a logic form developed by Signetics for application in commercial, industrial and ground support equipment. UTILOGIC II is the improved version of this family, retaining the proven performance of the original, including the high capacitive drive capability and high noise margins.

Original # Lansdale # PDF
SP300 SL300  
SP301 SL301  
SP302 SL302  
SP304 SL304  
SP305 SL305  
SP306 SL306  
SP314 SL314  
SP315 SL315  
SP316 SL316  
SP317 SL317  
SP320 SL320  
SP321 SL321  
SP322 SL322  
SP3271 SL3271  
SP328 SL328  
SP3280 SL3280  
SP3281 SL3281  
SP331 SL331  
SP332 SL332  
SP333 SL333  
SP334 SL334  
SP337 SL337  
SP352 SL352  
SP356 SL356  
SP357 SL357  
SP358 SL358  
SP362 SL362  
SP363 SL363  
SP370 SL370  
SP374 SL374  
SP375 SL375  
SP377 SL377  
SP380 SL380  
SP381 SL381  
SP384 SL384  
SP387 SL387  
SP391 SL391  
Package Types
C - 14-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 3/4")
E - 16-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 7/8")
H - 10-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 1/4")
Rating Value Unit
VCC +5.5 V
Current Rating - Inputs ±10 mA
Current Rating - Output ±50 mA
Storage Temperature - Tstg -65 to +150 °C
Operating Temperature - TA 0 to +75 °C
FUNCTION TYPE/PKG Fan-Out to Source Loads Propagation Delay Tpdns
Dual 3-Input Expander for OR and NOR Gates  300/C,H,I 
Quad 2-Input Diode Expander for NAND Gates  301/C  -  
Quad 2-Input AND Gate  302/C  16  15 
Dual 4-Input Expandable AND Gate  304/C  16  15 
Single 6-Input AND Gate  305/C,H,I  10  15 
Dual 3-Input AND Gate  306/C,H,I  10  15 
Single 7-Input NOR Gate  314/C,H,I  11  30 
Dual 3-Input NOR Gate  315/H,I  12  30 
Dual 2-Input Expandable NOR Gate  316/H,I  12  30 
Dual 4-Input Expandable NOR Gate  317/C  11  20 
J-K Binary Element  320/H,I  12  65 
Dual J-K Binary  321/C  25 
Dual J-K Binary  322/E  25 
Dual D Binary  328/C  25 
Dual 2-Input Expandable OR Gate  331/H,I  12  20 
Dual 3-Input OR Gate  332/H,I  12  20 
Dual 3-Input Expandable OR Gate  333/C  11  35 
Dual 4-Input Expandable OR Gate  334/C  11  35 
Dual 4-Input Expandable NAND Gate  337/C  45 
Dual 3-Input Expandable NAND Buffer Driver  352/C  -  
Dual 4-Input Expandable NAND Buffer Driver  356/C  11  55 
Quad 2-Input NAND Power Driver  357/C  11  50 
Quad 2-Input NAND Power Driver (O. C.)  358/C  11  50 
Monostable Multivibrator  362/C  55 
Dual Zero Crossing Detector  363/C  85 
Triple 3-Input NOR Gate  370/C  11  20 
Triple 3-Input OR Gate  374/C  11  35 
Triple 2-Input Expandable OR Gate  375/C  11  35 
Triple 3-Input NAND Gate  377/C  45 
Quad 2-Input NOR Gate  380/C  11  20 
Quad 2-Input NOR Gate (O. C.)  381/C  25 
Quad 2-Input OR Gate  384/C  11  35 
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate  387/C  45 
Hex Inverter (O. C.)  391/C  25 
4-Bit Shift Register  3271/E  60 
BCD Decade Counter  3280/C  50 
4-Bit Binary Counter  3281/C  50 

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