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Signetics - TTL III 54H00 and 74H00

The 54H00/74H00 logic family is high speed TTL III. These transistor-transistor logic circuits were designed for general purpose applications. They have good external noise immunity and high fan-out.

Original # Lansdale # PDF
N74H00 SL74H00  
N74H01 SL74H01  
N74H08 SL74H08  
N74H10 SL74H10  
N74H101 SL74H101  
N74H102 SL74H102  
N74H103 SL74H103  
N74H106 SL74H106  
N74H108 SL74H108  
N74H11 SL74H11  
N74H20 SL74H20  
N74H21 SL74H21  
N74H22 SL74H22  
N74H30 SL74H30  
N74H40 SL74H40  
N74H52 SL74H52  
N74H53 SL74H53  
N74H54 SL74H54  
N74H55 SL74H55  
N74H60 SL74H60  
N74H61 SL74H61  
N74H62 SL74H62  
N74H71 SL74H71  
N74H72 SL74H72  
N74H73 SL74H73  
N74H74 SL74H74  
N74H76 SL74H76  
S54H00 SL54H00  
S54H01 SL54H01  
S54H08 SL54H08  
S54H10 SL54H10  
S54H101 SL54H101  
S54H102 SL54H102  
S54H103 SL54H103  
S54H106 SL54H106  
S54H108 SL54H108  
S54H11 SL54H11  
S54H20 SL54H20  
S54H21 SL54H21  
S54H22 SL54H22  
S54H30 SL54H30  
S54H40 SL54H40  
S54H52 SL54H52  
S54H53 SL54H53  
S54H54 SL54H54  
S54H55 SL54H55  
S54H60 SL54H60  
S54H61 SL54H61  
S54H62 SL54H62  
S54H71 SL54H71  
S54H72 SL54H72  
S54H73 SL54H73  
S54H74 SL54H74  
S54H76 SL54H76  
Package Types
C - 14-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 3/4")
D - 14-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 3/8")
E - 16-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 7/8")
F - 16-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 3/8")
Rating Value Unit
Supply Voltage - VCC +7.0 V
Input Voltage - Vin +5.5 V
Output Voltage - Vout +5.5 V
Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C
FUNCTION TYPE/PKG Fan-Out Supply Voltage
Quad 2-Input Positive NAND Gate  54H00/C,D  10 
Quad 2-Input Positive NAND Gate (O.C.)  54H01/C,D  10 
Quad 2-Input Positive AND Gate  54H08/C,D  10 
Triple 3-Input Positive NAND Gate  54H10/C,D  10 
Triple 3-Input Positive AND Gate  54H11/C,D  10 
Dual 4-Input Positive NAND Gate  54H20/C,D  10 
Dual 4-Input AND Gate  54H21/C,D  10 
Dual 4-Input NAND Gate (O.C.)  54H22/C,D  10 
8-Input Positive NAND Gate  54H30/C,D  10 
Dual 4-Input Positive NAND Buffer  54H40/C,D  30 
4-Wide 2-2-2-3 Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  54H52/C,D  10 
Expandable 2-2-2-3 Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  54H53/C,D  10 
Expandable 2-2-2-3 Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  54H54/C,D  10 
Expandable 2-Wide 4-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  54H55/C,D  10 
Dual 4-Input Expander  54H60/C,D  4.5-5.5  
Triple 3-Input Expander for AND-OR Gates  54H61/C,D 
4-Wide 3-2-2-3 Input Expander for AOI Gates  54H62/C,D  4.5-5.5 
J-K Master-Slave Flip-Flop  54H71/C,D  10 
J-K Master-Slave Flip-Flop  54H72/C,D  10 
Dual J-K Master-Slave Flip-Flop  54H73/C,D  10 
Dual Type D Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54H74/C,D  10-20 
Dual J-K Master-Slave Flip-Flop  54H76/E,F  10 
J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54H101/C,D  10 
J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop with AND Inputs  54H102/C,D  10 
Dual J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54H103/C,D  10 
Dual J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54H106/E,F  10 
Dual J-K Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop  54H108/C,D  10 

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