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Motorola/Freescale - TTL I 400 - 500

TTL I integrated circuits comprise a family of transistor-transistor logic designed for general purpose digital applications. The family has a medium operating speed (20MHz clock rate), good external noise immunity, high fan out, and the capability of driving lines up to 600pF capacitance.

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MC400 ML400  
MC401 ML401  
MC402 ML402  
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MC406 ML406  
MC407 ML407  
MC408 ML408  
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MC410 ML410  
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MC505 ML505  
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MC515 ML515  
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MC569 ML569  
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MC576 ML576  
MC577 ML577  
MC579 ML579  
Package Types
A - 14-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 1/4")
C - 14-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 3/4")
Rating Value Unit
Supply Voltage - Continuous +8.0 Vdc
Supply Operating Voltage Range 4.5 to 6.0 Vdc
Input Voltage - Vin +5.5 Vdc
Output Voltage - Vout +5.5 Vdc
Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C
Storage Temperature Range -65 to +150 °C
Thermal Resistance - Junction to Case (qJC) 0.09 °C/mW
Thermal Resistance - Junction to Ambient (qJA) 0.26 °C/mW
FUNCTION TYPE/PKG Loading Factor Each Output Propagation Delay ns typ Power Dissipation mW typ/pkg
Dual 4-Input NAND Gate  500/C,A  15  10  30  
Expandable 4-wide 2-2-2-3  501/C,A  15  12  30  
Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate  551/C,A     
8-Input NAND Gate  502/C,A  15  12  15  
2-Wide 3-Input AND-OR-  503/C,A  15  11  35  
INVERT Gate with Gated Complement  553/C,A     
Expandable 3-Wide 3-Input  504/C,A  15  12  25  
AND-OR-INVERT Gate  554/C,A     
Expandable 2-Wide 4-Input  505/C,A  15  12  20  
AND-OR-INVERT Gate  555/C,A     
Expandable 8-Input NAND Gate  506/C,A  15  18  15  
Line Driver  507/C,A  15  25@  60  
  557/C,A  1000 pF Load    
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate  508/C,A  15  10  60  
4-Wide 3-2-2-3-Input Expander  509/C,A  15  -  
for AND-OR-INVERT Gates  559/C,A     
Dual 4-Input Expander for  510/C,A  15  -  
AND-OR-INVERT Gates  560/C,A     
Dual 4-Input Expander for  511/C,A  15   
NAND Gates  561/C,A     
Triple 3-Input NAND Gate  512/C,A  15  10  45  
R-S Flip-Flop  513/C,A  15  ton = 15  30  
  563/C,A  toff = 20   
Gated R-S Flip-Flop  514/C,A  15  ton = 7.5  30  
  564/C,A  toff = 20    
AND J-K Flip-Flop  515/C,A  15  ton = 25  40  
  565/C,A  toff = 13    
OR J-K Flip-Flop  516/C,A  15  ton = 25  50  
  566/C,A  toff = 13    
Triple 2-Input Bus Driver  519/C,A  50/15  54  
Expandable Dual 2-Wide 2-Input  520/C,A  15  12  40  
AND-OR-INVERT Gate  570/C,A  -  
AC Coupled R-S Flip-Flop  521/C,A  15  18  30  
Dual Type D Flip-Flop  522/C,A  15  16  84  
Dual J-K Flip-Flop  523/C,A  16  ton = 12  110  
(Separate Clock)  573/C,A  toff = 10    
Dual J-K Flip-Flop  524/C,A  16  ton = 12  110  
(Common Clock)  574/C,A  toff = 10    
Hex Inverter  525/C,A  15  10  90  
Dual 3-Input Pulse Shaper/  526/C,A  16  15  60  
Delay AND Gate  576/C,A   
Expandable Dual 4-Input  527/C,A  15  10  38  
AND Gate  577/C,A   
Dual 2-Wide 2-3-Input OR  528/C,A  15  
Expander  578/C,A    
Hex Inverter  529/C,A  15  10  90  

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