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Motorola/Freescale - TTL 8300 - 9300

These TTL integrated circuits are designed for digital applications in the medium to high-speed range. They provide significant reduction in package count and increased logic per function over devices in the basic TTL and DTL families.

Original # Lansdale # PDF
MC8301 ML8301  
MC8304 ML8304  
MC8306 ML8306  
MC8311 ML8311  
MC8312 ML8312  
MC8314 ML8314  
MC8316 ML8316  
MC8318 ML8318  
MC8322 ML8322  
MC8328 ML8328  
MC8601 ML8601  
MC8602 ML8602  
MC9301 ML9301  
MC9304 ML9304  
MC9306 ML9306  
MC9311 ML9311  
MC9312 ML9312  
MC9314 ML9314  
MC9316 ML9316  
MC9318 ML9318  
MC9322 ML9322  
MC9328 ML9328  
MC9601 ML9601  
MC9602 ML9602  
Package Types
A - 14-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 1/4")
C - 14-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 3/4")
E - 16-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 7/8")
F - 16-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 3/8")
J - 24-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/2" X 1 1/4")
K - 24-LEAD FLAT PACK (3/8" X 5/8")
Rating Value Unit
Supply Voltage - Vcc +7.0 Vdc
Input Voltage - Vin +5.5 Vdc
Output Voltage - Vout +5.5 Vdc
Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C
Storage Temperature Range -65 to +150 °C
FUNCTION TYPE/PKG Loading Factor Each Output Power Dissipation mW typ/pkg
Universal 4-Bit Shift Register  9300/E,F  300 
BCD-to-Decimal Decoder  9301/E,F  10  125 
Dual Full Adder  9304/E,F  110 
Presettable Decade Up/Down Counter  9306/J,K  -  
7-Segment Decoder  9307/E,F  -  
Dual 4-Bit Latch  9308/J,K  325 
Dual 4-Channel Data Selector  9309/E,F  10  150 
Presettable Decade Counter  9310/E,F  300 
One of Sixteen Decoder  9311/J,K  10  175 
8-Channel Data Selector  9312/E,F  135 
4-Bit Latch  9314/E,F  -  
4-Bit Binary Counter  9316/E,F  300 
7-Segment Decoder/Driver  9317/E,F  -  
8-Input Priority Encoder  9318/E,F  -  
Quad 2-Input Multiplexer  9322/E,F  -  
5-Bit Comparator  9324/E,F  -  
Dual 8-Bit Shift Register  9328/E,F  250 
One Shot Multivibrator  9601/C,A  75 
Dual One Shot Multivibrator  9602/E,F 

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