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Motorola/Freescale - SUHL 5000 - 5100

This line of M.S.I. SUHL devices was originally introduced by Sylvania. These devices are completely compatible with the TTL I and II families of SUHL devices.

Original # Lansdale # PDF
MC5111 ML5111  
MC5113 ML5113  
MC5121 ML5121  
MC5123 ML5123  
MC5131 ML5131  
MC5133 ML5133  
MC5141 ML5141  
MC5143 ML5143  
MC5151 ML5151  
MC5153 ML5153  
MC5181 ML5181  
MC5183 ML5183  
MC5191 ML5191  
MC5193 ML5193  
Package Types
A - 14-LEAD FLAT PACK (1/4" X 1/4")
C - 14-LEAD DUAL INLINE (1/4" X 3/4")
Rating Value Unit
Supply Voltage - Continuous +8 Vdc
Supply Operating Voltage Range 4.5 to 6.0 Vdc
Input Voltage - Vin +5.5 Vdc
Output Voltage - Vout +5.5 Vdc
Storage Temperature Range -65 to +150 °C
Maximum Junction Temperature +175 °C
Thermal Resistance - Junction to Case (qJC) 0.09 °C/mW
Thermal Resistance - Junction to Ambient (qJA) 0.26 °C/mW
FUNCTION TYPE/PKG -55°C to +125°C TYPE/PKG 0°C to +75°C
Decade Divider - Fixed  5090/C,A  5092/C,A  
4-Bit Shift Register  5111/C,A  5113/C,A  
8-Bit Parity Checker  5121/C,A  5123/C,A  
Dual 4-Bit Comparator  5131/C,A  5133/C,A  
Binary Programmable Divider  5141/C,A  5143/C,A  
BCD Programmable Divider  5151/C,A  5153/C,A  
4-Bit Binary Counter  5163/C,A  
4-Bit BCD Counter  5173/C,A  
4-Bit Binary Up/Down Counter  5181/C,A  5183/C,A  
4-Bit BCD Up/Down Counter  5191/C,A  5193/C,A  

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